About Us


Sioux Falls Software was incorporated in 2010 but has been serving local and nation wide customers since 2000.

Through the various phases of your project(s) we do our best to keep things simple in discovery, strategy, execution, launch, and follow up.

We want to make sure we communicate often and do everything we can to achieve all of your goals including delivering timely and in a cost-efficient way.



Working with us you'll find our approach is to first spend a lot of time learning about you and your company. How you started, what you value, and what you deliver to your customers.

We then discuss your project in detail, define goals, and determine metrics for success. Once that is done we create a project plan including budget and timeline and get to work.

Typically we have check in meetings with our customers 1-3 times weekly to keep communication and progress flowing.

Once your project is complete we like to keep in touch, monitor success, and make sure we answer any on going questions you may have about past or future projects.

Our Skills

Design (UI/UX, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)
Front End Development (HTML, CSS, JScript, AJAX, etc.)
Back End Development (C#/VB .NET, PHP, etc.)
Business Intelligence / Reporting Development
Pageflex / Web 2 Print
SEO & Marketing