New Filters Added to Google Image Search

Matt Southern 5-10-2017



New Filters Added to Google Image Search

The next time you conduct a Google image search on mobile you’ll see the inclusion of new filters, which will help you narrow down your search down in a few different ways.


The new Google search filters on mobile will let you narrow your search down by recently uploaded, clip art, GIFs, and image color.


Here’s an example of when you first land on the new mobile image search:


Here’s what it looks like after tapping on the “latest” image filter. The results appear to be filtered chronologically and algorithmically, as you’ll see an image from 4 days ago ranks above and image from 2 days ago. I noticed several examples like that.


Here’s the clip art filter:


Lastly, here’s an example of the color filter:


In my testing I can confirm these new filters are live in Google’s image search for Chrome and Safari on mobile. The filters do not appear to be live in the Google Search app or desktop search.




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